Controversial Video: Vice Ganda caught mocking the family of Manny Pacquiao!

Because of the statement that Manny Pacquiao gave when he was asked about his stand on sames*x marriage, a debate and war started online between the people who are pro and anti the said issue.
One of the people involved was Vice Ganda. He flooded his Twitter account with words that is expressing his dismay over the comparison that he used for homosexuals saying that they are ‘worse than animals’.
In line with the opinion that he said, Vice Ganda is now being bashed by the online community saying that he, himself is not free from the sins.
A facebook user named Even Demata uploaded a compilation of the videos of Vice Ganda as he wasmocking the family of Manny Pacquiao.
He said on the caption, “Ang tunay na komedyante ay hindi nanlait, nanlamang at nangutya sa kapwa!”
But many people defended him saying that he is entitled to his own opinion.