This woman broke up with her boyfriend after she found out that he was poor! This is insane!

It’s already pretty sad spending Valentine’s Day alone. What’s even sadder is your loved one leaving you a day before Valentine’s and humiliating you in front of your family. This man from China was unfortunately caught in that exact situation.
His girlfriend was so happy when he told her that they would be going to his hometown to introduce her to his family. The girl was filled with excitement, however, when they got to his house, her excitement turned into disappointment.
His family prepared festive dishes using what little they had. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for the girl, who walked away from the dinner table and, with no hesitation, broke up with her boyfriend.
After dating for a year, it all came crumbling down just because the guy was ‘too poor’ for the girl. She got worried that the guy wouldn’t be able to support her financially.
The girl was not content with what she did, she even humiliated the guy in front of his family by posting on social media about what she had experienced, together with a photo of the festive food the guy’s family prepared.
 “I came to my senses almost instantly and decided I’d save the crying and heartache later by breaking off with him now! But I’m afraid to leave because it’s dark outside and it’s tough getting transport so I’ll buy a train ticket back to Shanghai first thing in the morning!” the girl wrote on her social media account.

Meanwhile, the girl’s family and friends reacted smugly. They even lauded her for breaking up with her boyfriend.
These people felt no remorse or shame about their self-important behavior.
Girl Humiliated And Broke Up With Her Boyrfriend After Finding Out That He Was 'Too Poor'