Photo Credits: MOCHA USON BLOG

Many people is dreaming to live in Makati to experience the world class benefits of being a resident of this world class city. Free Education is one of the most important right of a Filipino, but what if you don’t have a Voters ID that will prove that you are a resident of Makati, maybe you can show an NSO or other legal ID’s?

But in Makati, you don’t have any choice of requirements if you want your children to get a free education, this guard on the video admits that you need a voters id to enrol your child in their public schools.

According to the security guard of the unknown makati public school, the only thing that you need to get the free education for your child is to show your voters id and you must a registered voter in Makati City and not in any place in this country.

The guard who is clueless that someone is already recording a video directly to him, admitted that you cannot get the free education if you are not a registered voter of Makati City.

Many people criticised this policy of the City Government, but according to the supporters of the acting Makati Mayor Kid Pena, this policy was quickly removed when some people complained to them.

The camp of Binay is not yet speaking about this issue.