This Couple Was Featured In The Kiss Cam But The Woman Slapped Him Instead, What He Did To Him Was Insane!


The ‘Kiss Cam’ has been a part of any ball game. It is a part of the show where the cameras feature the people such as those who looks like a couple. But there are times that this Kiss Cam could go wrong

Just like what happened between this couple who was spotted by the Kiss Cam. However, the girlfriend does not want to be a part of the Kiss Cam.

The boyfriend grabbed her and kiss her. But she stopped it and slapped him.

But it was not enough for her. She threw the stuff toy and the popcorn away. She then poured his beer on his head.

The man was already humiliated. The woman on his other side had a brilliant idea on how they could get back. They started kissing each other in front of the girlfriend.

The crowd wildly cheered for what they did. Talk about getting even.