Man Posts A Heartbreaking And Touching Message To His Ex-Girlfriend

They say that you will only know the importance of something or someone once you already lose them. This is an old but gold saying. Many people do not realize the true value of something not unless it is not there anymore.
Regrets can only be felt at the end of everything that happened.
A man named Charles King posted something on his Facebook Account that really captured the hearts of the people saying that it is by far the sweetest yet most heartbreaking message that they have ever read.
Charles stated how hard his life been ever since he broke up with his girlfriend. He recalled every single thing that they were doing before. Those sweet messages, endearments and even the way they held each other.
He even admitted all the wrong things that he did to her that ended their relationship. He even said that he will be waiting for her. Waiting for a second chance to be with her once again and be happy.

His post: