It’s Showtime and Eat Bulaga constantly copies each other’s segments? Must read!


There are claims that ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime and GMA’s Eat Bulaga have been copying each other’s gimmicks and segments. Others say that It’s Showtime is a second rate copycat of their rival network.

Many are also claiming that the show had numerous emergency meeting to compete against Eat Bulaga, especially when AlDub became famous.While some said that it’s Eat Bulaga who keeps copying since they can’t keep up with the youthful vibe of It’s Showtime.

Moreover, some accuse this copying as a form of laziness and violating the Law on Intellectual Property.

Here are some of the similar segments the two shows had:
Feeling POGI (Eat Bulaga) and PAPA POGI (Showtime);
Tunog Tao (Eat Bulaga) and Jambunganga (Showtime);
That’s My Boy (Eat Bulaga) and That’s My Tomboy (Showtime);
Lenten Special tradition since 1981 (Eat Bulaga) and Holy Week special (Showtime);
Ang Joke Ko (Eat Bulaga) and Walang Basagan Ng Trip (Showtime);
KA-VOICE (Eat Bulaga) and Funny One (Showtime);
Pinoy Henyo (Eat Bulaga) and Ansabe (Showtime);
Juan For All, All For Juan (Eat Bulaga) and House Mo Show Mo (Showtime).



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