Kris Aquino Panicked Because Of Marlo Mortel

Marlo Mortel is the Kapamilya actor being paired with Janella Salvador. They both got the limelight on the morning show, ‘Be Careful With My Heart’.
Since then, they have been a stronger love team opening out a lot of opportunities. They are often featured in the morning show of Kris Aquino, Kris TV.
In one of the episodes of the show, they were up to eating in a fancy restaurant. Janella Salvador, Marlo Mortel, Kris Aquino and her assistant Darla were together on the table sharing the foods that were prepared for them.
Suddenly, Marlo claims that his mouth was feeling a burning sensation when he tasted one of the dishes that was served.
Kris Aquino immediately asked for assistance to get the anti-histamine for Marlo because his peanut allergies were attacking.
Marlo felt better after taking up the medicines.
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