Nice tips to keep warm in cold days


Winter wear

This is a simple way but can be seen the most effective to keep the body warm. But,

you should not wear a thick sweater, instead, lightweight items with many layers are

highly recommended because they can better prevent cold wind from infiltrating into

our body. For children, wearing layered clothes also helps it easily to be taken off

when they play games or go sleeping. Children’s sweat can be absorbed backward into

the body and then causes respiratory diseases if not promptly cleaned.


Hot soak

Foot soaking in warm water is known as a method of “both outside and inside

benefits”. It helps you recover natural body gas in winter, reduce heatstroke in

summer, support laxative in autumn and body warm in winter. As you know, the sole

of foot contains a lot of acupuncture points and blood vessels, so, foot soak shall be

extremely good for blood circulation, bring you a healthy and warm body in winter.

Use a heating bag

Using heating bags is an effective way of keeping warm. You do not have to pay so

much money for an air-conditioner and then face up with high expense of monthly

electric bill. You may use the bag to heating the blanket before the bedtime.

Nonetheless, do not to overuse because anything abused is totally not good.

Eat enough quality and quantity

Food is the most important source of vital energy for the body and keeps the body

warm. In winter, you are advised to have the dishes of spice crops such as ginger,

garlic for body warm keeping.

Limit alcohol

Many people believe that in cold weather, wine may make contribution to body warm-

up. However, drinking too much alcohol causes incalculable harm to health. Drinking

alcohol, especially with heavy episodic drinking in cold weather, easily leads to

stroke-prone. Many people have died from drinking in such cases. When drinking, the

blood vessels shall dilate, then experience the cold temperature and suddenly shrink,

increasing blood pressure and causing stroke, even the death. The best way is not to

drink alcohol, if you must drink or get drunk, you should not go out cold weather right