Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits Taiwan! Here’s the latest update

On Saturday, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits Taiwan and resulted to more than 500 citizens of Taiwan getting injured and more than 20 lives were taken.
In a report in CNN, more than 350 people were already rescued from teh damaged structures and residential buildings that have collapsed because of the earthquake.
“This was strong enough to not only be felt here in the [Taiwanese] capital city of Taipei, but also in the southern provinces of China, Taiwan is very used to earthquakes and tremors, but this is far more significant than the island has seen in quite a while,” A correspondent stated.
You can clearly see in various reports that buildings and other forms of infrastructures were truly destroyed because of how strong the earthquake was.
Up until now, the search and rescue operation is still ongoing and authorities are still hoping to save people who were stuck in the destroyed structures.