Isabelle Daza Is Now Engaged To Her Boyfriend Adrien Semblat!

Isabelle Daza finally confirms to ‘Hola’ magazine that she is now engaged with his longtime boyfriend Adrien Semblat. 
Based on the article that was written on Hola Magazine, Belle said that they are already engaged when they were interviewed for the February issue of the said magazine.
On her official Facebook account, Belle share the article of Hola along with the caption of ‘I said, YES!’.
She also shared a stunning photo of her together with Adrien on her Instagram account with an emoji of a heart and a ring.
Before this confirmation, there are already rumors that they are engaged, but the actress denied them. She even said that she has been giving out hints for the confirmation that she’s ready to settle down.
Adrien is the country manager of Adidas Philippines.