Eating Instant noodles daily increases risk of…heart disease



Instant noodles are a kind of food launched later than the traditional foods such as

rice noodles, vermicelli but it quickly dominated the market.

Instant noodles – convenient but not benefit

Instant noodles are made mainly from wheat flour or cassava flour which is source of

energy primarily from carbohydrate and fat, with very little protein and

primarily vegetarian

Therefore if you just eat instant noodles without additional protein and fiber, it will cause

the imbalanced diet, if eat regularly and constantly, the body will be lack essential

nutrients, influence the immune system, blood vessels causing Vitamin and Mineral

Shortages. In instant noodles there are much saturated fat (saturated fatty acids, hard to

digest), carbohydrates (starch) and very low in fiber.


During processing, instant noodles are fried in oil at high temperatures so oil is

susceptible to oxidation and have the ability to form “Trans fat” more. “Trans fat” will

increase the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, leading to an increased risk of

cardiovascular disease, causing congestion and stroke risk.

Additionally, in instant noodle package, there are flavoring powder packet and seasoning

oil packet which make instant noodles more attractive, additives and flavors have the

effect of creating appetite, mislead feeling of eaters but not good for people suffering

from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure.

Eating instant noodles should add plenty of green vegetables

Since 2007, on mass media, we mentioned the “trans fat “problem, but Vietnamese

consumers may not know or too easygoing so they have continued to use. Meanwhile,

authorities did not make regulations referred to trans fatty acids be listed in nutrition


However, manufacturers must also be pioneers in issue of ensuring public health and

commit that their product is Trans-Fat-Free Food and study to add more fiber.

While waiting for the regulations referred to “Trans fat” on food products in Vietnam,

nutrition experts recommend that consumers need to protect themselves by choosing to

buy the products of the reputable manufacturers, especially the establishments has

applied qualified food safety management systems.

Depending on preference as well as the health of consumers, consumers can choose

appropriate way. In my point of view, for a few years now I do not use this product for


Those suffer from dyslipidemia, hypertension, overweight, obesity and diabetes should

limit the use of this product. Do not use instant noodles for main meals, as instant noodles

only provide calorie without vitamins and protein for the body. To ensure the safety for

the health when eating noodles we should add vegetables and other types of protein from

meat, eggs to offset the amount of vitamin and protein shortages in instant noodles.

Dr Jon (Nutrition Education Center)