The Most Exciting Boat Tours


A new boat tour is often a short trip in the small boat taken for tourist factors, typically starting and ending within the same place, and normally of the duration less when compared to a day. This contrasts having cruising in large ships for assorted days with overnight accommodation in cabins. Typically, a sightseeing boat is employed.

We provide opening information of three boat tours for your choice: Ha Long bay boat tour, Bateaux Mouches on the River Seine in Paris, Viet Nam,  Maid of the Mist at the Niagara Falls, Canada, USA.

  1. Bateaux Moucheson the River Seine in Paris



Travelling in France- a country with many intimate sceneries, beside visiting the fantastic architectures such because Eiffel Tower, the actual Louvre, Musee D’Orsay, Notre Dame… by means of walking, Visitors might make a boat tour for the River Seine.

For greater than 60 years, the actual Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches possesses told a enjoy story to ages of passengers, those people who are curious, poets, those people who are romantic or in love…




Enjoy a leisurely trip down the Seine within this 1-hour Bateaux Parisiens riv cruise. Choose from various daily departure times to suit your sightseeing schedule, after which check in for your cruise near the actual Eiffel Tower. Hop aboard a favorite Bateaux Parisiens riverboat, and absorb the passing points of interest of iconic sites like Notre Dame, the Louvre plus the Musée d’Orsay, and many other key points of interest. Be sure to observe for and pick up the story about the little Statue connected with Liberty.

This way tour also makes for a very intimate couples outing, especially at dusk when the area is lit way up.

The waters with the River Seine have invariably been the heart as well as soul of Paris. Either way, it’s an outstanding introduction to the actual highlights of Paris!

2. Ha Long bay boat tour, Viet Nam



Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful as well as impressive sights in Vietnam. Ha long clean has twice been recognized by UNESCO as a global Natural Heritage Area due to the exceptional scenic beauty and among the world’s greatest pure wonders.

Ha Long Bay has an area of all-around 1, 553 km2, which include 1, 960–2, 000 islets, almost all of which are limestone.

Many visitors choose to spend either 1 or 2 nights cruising over a traditional junk, which not simply allows more occasion for exploring, but additionally allows for the actual unforgettable spectacle connected with limestone islets piercing the mists as the sun rises in the bay.




Visitors is going to be picked up in the Bai Chay Tourist Wharf and commence cruising through numerous limestone islands and islets for the bay. Here, experience beautiful spots similar to Cho Da (Stone Dog), Lu Huong (Incense Burner), Ba Hang Fishing Village as well as Ngon Tay (Fingers) Islets, after which, Sung Sot (Surprise) Cave would be the next place for visiting- probably the most stunning caves in Halong bay.

In addition, board the ship and cruise in order to Ti Top area. Climb to the top of the hill on the actual island, visitors might check out this magical clean as its attractions are extremely numerous. They could see parts of the bay- lush, sculpted valleys as well as hidden lakes which shimmered within the late afternoon sunshine. It was similar to glimpsing a primeval land untouched considering that the mother goddess connected with Vietnam Au Company, and the monster prince, Lac Extended Quan, met we know thousands of in years past before they gave birth towards ancestors of contemporary Vietnam…



The tours are well coordinated from hotel acquire to drop down. If you are searhing for a great excursion look no further than Indochina and the actual Ha Long excursion boat. Visitors may have a perfect sail in Halong Bay!

3.Maid of the Mist at the Niagara FallsCanada, USA




The Maid with the Mist is any boat tour connected with Niagara Falls, Big apple, USA. Niagara Falls is usually considered by a number of to be probably the most romantic places on earth. The begining connected with boat tour is a a calm the main Niagara River, on the Rainbow Bridge, acquire its passengers, goes beyond the American and Bridesmaid Veil




Falls, then into the dense mist of spray inside curve of the actual Horseshoe Falls, also known as the Canadian Falls.

The Maid with the Mist is probably the most popular attraction that exists in Niagara Falls. It began operating to be a ferry just over 165 in years past for the Niagara Water.

If you’ve ever visited Niagara Fall then it’s likely that you’re familiar using this type of scene: groups connected with people- some dry out, others soaked, but all dressed in blue plastic- disembarking coming from a boat. Behind these people, a lineup connected with more blue guys, women and little ones, ready to go aboard.



The boat runs within the spring, summer as well as fall. The opening date will depend on the ice flow within the Niagara River.