Mariel Rodriguez Padilla posted puzzling tweets about the PGT Pole Dancer!


The Sunday episode of the fifth season of Pilipinas Got Talent has caught everyone’s attention after RobinPadilla showed a strange reaction upon seeing a sexy contestant in the show.

The 19-year-old contestant appeared on the stage, wearing nothing but her sports bra and her cycling shorts. She claims that she’ll be performing a “Pole dance routine.”

Her performance was indeed impressive! She definitely have the skills and talent, she even left the viewers in total shock because of such breathtaking stunts!

But what really caught the attetion of the netizens is the cryptic tweets of Mariel Rodriguez Padilla while watching the woman’s performance.



After the performance of the young lady, Mariel was interviewed by Boy Abunda. She clarified that she didn’t get jealous over the contestant.