Her boyfriend left flowers and a note on her porch. When she read the note she was in tears—brutal!


Thousands of couples break up every day. Causes may range from cheating to simply having no love left for the other person at all. Being a perfect girl/boyfriend has no assurance that your other half will never leave you or cheat on you.


Let’s face it: breaking up with a woman can be one of the most difficult, heart-wrenching things you’ll ever have to do. But this heartless guy didn’t take his girlfriend’s (now ex) feelings into consideration. This is probably the most brutal and awkward break-up ever!


Through flowers and letters are probably the most romantic way of expressing your love for your partner, this may be the most bitter experience for this poor girl! Her boyfriend Ally left a bouquet of flowers and a letter on her front porch. This was written on the note:


The best way to move on is to improve oneself. There is no time to look back over and over trying to figure out what went wrong, but to move on and look for yourself. Show your ex that with or without him/her, you are an able person. Show the world the new you, that you can be better than you ever were.