Vic Sotto revealed that Pauleen is only his second priority! Shocking!

Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto have finally exchanged vows and I dos, they’ve tied the knot between them on Saturday, January 30, 2016. All their relatives and close friends were all present in the special event in their lives.
After their wedding ceremony, Vic Sotto has stated that from his sixth priority, Pauleen Luna will be hissecond priority.
In his previous interviews, Vic revealed why Pauleen is his sixth priority.

“Number one, of course God, Number 2 my children, Number 3 my family, Number 4 my job, that includes my career. Number 5 golf, Number 6 is my wife. She gets a little bit disappointed, but just to soothe her up, I said that she’s more important than golf, of course.” Vics stated.

“So, from number 5, she’s now on the top two of my priorities. Which means that I love you and I will take care of you, and I wanna thank you, you and your family,” He added.

He then apologized to his children for, once again, they have to adjust. He also thanked them for accepting everything.

“I did apologized to my children.’ But I whole Heartedly thanked them. I always say that it was not that easy for all of us to accept everything. But in this instance, I felt respect from all of you. I love you very much. Even you guys are just on 3rd of my list, I will still love you that much. And to you, my wife, my number 2, I love you forever,” he said.

And of course, Vic Sotto also thanked the family of his wife for accepting their relationship. He even finds it funny because he doesn’t know how he will be addressing the father of his wife.