Is Pauleen Leaving Showbiz To Become A Full Time Housewife?

Now that Pauleen Luna is official the wife of Vic Sotto making her Pauleen Luna-Sotto, the people are now wondering if she would leave her career in showbiz to become a full time housewife of her husband.
According to the newly wed, she will not be out from being a part of the industry but she would take a break frommaking soap operas. Pauleen claims that she wanted to put her husband first. She wanted to devote her time as Mrs. Sotto.
“Siya muna, I will cook breakfast for him,” she said to the press along with a huge smile on her face indicating how happy she is.
In the issue of having a baby, a reporter asked Vic Sotto if there would be an upcoming baby soon. He answered, “Pagkatapos nito, sisimulan ko na.” His wife then said while laughing “Grabe siya.”
On February 3, the newlyweds will have their honeymoon in the romantic place of Maldives.