College Students Created A Strike Because Of Haircut Policy Saying, ‘My Hair Has Nothing To Do With My Ability To Learn’


A couple of college students gathered in front of their university, Bulacan State University and created a strike. They were holding up banners saying ‘No To Haircut Policy’.



This is their appeal to the administration of the University who implements a policy for the haircut of the students. In one of the banners of the students they said, “Walang Kinalaman ang Buhok ko sa Aking Pag-aaral”.
This incident went viral on social media sites which created an online debate once again.
Many people said that it is just a simple rule to discipline the students which is a part of their learning.
Some people even said that rules and regulations are a part of the society, they have it as a citizen and they will get it once they graduate from college and starts working in a company.
But there are some who agreed with the sentiments of the students.
The Administration of the University has not yet given any statement regarding the strike that their students have made.