This is what will happen when you drink coke after eating durian! Shocking!

Recently, there are speculations that drinking coke after consuming too much durian will kill you.
A Facebook post that was made by a Chinese netizen who was identified as Kim-Siang Ng is now circulating online. In his post, he warned people about mixing Coke and Durian. He claims thatdrinking coke after eating durian is like drinking a cobra poison.
He even stated that there’s a 28-year-old Chinese Tourist who died in Thailand after drinking cokeafter consuming too much durian.
But then, the experts quickly contradicted with the viral post and claimed that drinking coke after eating durian will not kill you.

They stated that it was proven in a study that drinking soda, after eating durian will only causeindigestion, bloating and discomfort but it wouldn’t actually kill you.