This Cheating Boyfriend Went To A Mall To Meet His Other Woman, Got Busted Big Time







Cheating is never a good thing and if you think you won’t ever get caught, you’re absolutely wrong. One way or another your lies will eventually be exposed and you’ll never know what kind of karma awaits you. This guy named Sam knows it pretty well, after he got busted big time in this embarrassing video.

Sam had been seeing two different women at the same time for quite some time.

Apparently, his girlfriend knew he’s been cheating, so she contacted the other woman.

One day, Sam told his girlfriend that he had been involved in a car accident with some bumps and bruises, only to meet his mistress at the mall. Unbeknownst to him, his girlfriend already knew his rigged mission impossible antics and had been in contact with the other woman.

The two upset ladies then agreed to bust Sam at the mall, in front of everyone and made it sure that everything was recorded.

Once Sam and his mistress met, the girlfriend made her move and caught him red-handed.

Face palm, Sam had nowhere to go. He then got defensive and suddenly went aggressive to the girls, good thing a bystander intervened and stopped his rage. This guy is a psycho!