Have you ever noticed those worm-like floaters in your eyes? Here’s the explanation for it!

Have you ever noticed those tiny floating objects that suddenly appear in your sight? Those wormlike transparent objects that appear whenever you look at bright backgrounds. I can’t be the only one!
You don’t have to worry anymore because having those tiny worm-like floaters in your sight is pretty normal.
Those worm-like objects are actually called Muscae Volitantes which means “Flying flies” Contrary to its name, these floaters aren’t any type of bugs. In fact, these are bits of tissue, protein and red blood cells.
These are commonly called as floaters, and it exists in our eye balls. Whenever they cast shadows on the retina, we were able to see them in our sight. This usually happens when we’re staring at abright background.
Experts then claim that these floaters shouldn’t scare you because these are just normal and it happens to everyone!