Danica Sotto-Pingris Posted A Touching Message The Newly Weds!

The wedding of Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto has finally happened! On Saturday, January 30, 2016, Paulen and Vic have already exchanged vows and I do’s and have already promised to stay in each other’s arms for the rest of their lives.
But then it seems that the netizens aren’t still done with creating issues involving Danica Sotto and Pauleen Luna. They claim that it’s quite awkward for Danica to call Pauleen, “Mom.”
But then, she claims that she doesn’t have to call her “mom,” for as long as she’s giving her the respect that she deserves.
Recently, Danica Sotto-Pingris has posted a heart melting message on her Instagram account.
“They can say what they want to say about my family, but I will keep on loving them and will forever be grateful that I have them in my life.” She wrote as a caption to their family photo.
People claim that those bashers should stop hating Vic’s family and his relationship with Pauleen, instead, they should just be happy for all of them.