Being Poor Is Not A Hindrance For This Woman Who Graduated College And Ranked Top 2 In Licensure Exams!

In this country, not all people are given the chance to have a good education. There are some people who are so unfortunate that they don’t even have money to buy their meals thrice a day.
But there are some people who are willing to prove that poverty is not a problem if you wanted to achieve your dreams.
A woman named Iah Bantang Seraspi proved the world that with hard work and dedication, anything ispossible. Her story inspired a lot of people.
Iah does not deny the fact that her family is poor. Instead, she used it as an inspiration to all. With her efforts, she graduated as a Valedictorian in High School and a Cum Laude in Romblon State University obtaining a degree in BSED BioSci.
But it was not the end of achieving for her. In the September 2015 Licensure Exam for Teachers, she got the 2nd top place.
Her story became a light for all the people who wanted to achieve more in their lives.