Craziest dance showdown of Ella and Yassi! Who did it better?

We are all aware that both Yassi Pressman and Ella Cruz are great performers. Ella Cruz has been a great actress, but then recently, people have discovered that she’s not just a great actress, thus, also a greatperformer. Meanwhile, Yassi Pressman is one of the multi-talented actress of her generation. She can act, sing and even dance!
There had been a lot of dance showdowns that have gone viral online, but I must admit that this is one of the best showdowns that you’ll ever witness!
In this video that was uploaded by Viva Entertainment, you will witness the impressive skills of Yassi Pressman and Ella Cruz when it comes to the dance floor. 
People couldn’t help but to compare who did better in twerking.
Who did it better?
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