The meaning of wearing a ring on a specific finger! Must Read!

In this free world, people have the right to choose the things that they wanted to wear. Whether it is for their own comfort or to impress other people, they can do basically anything that they want to.
People especially women has a special bond with jewelries and rings. But did you know thatwearing a ring could determine your personalities, status in a relationship and other information about you?
The following assumption are based on cultural beliefs and history.
Right or Left? 
If a person is right handed he considers it as the giving hand while the left hand is the receiving hand. If the person is left-handed this will be reversed.
Index Finger
If the ring is seen on the index finger it means that the person is confident and has a lot of potential in leading a team.
Middle Finger
It resembles responsibilities. They can determine what is right and what is wrong.