Tricks to Have Longer Eyelashes


As the title mentioned, there are ways that women can use and do to obtain longer eyelashes. Of course it is not really tricks literally but just ways that will stimulate the growth of eyelashes. The products used to stimulate the growth can be broadly categorized into ones that are used externally and ones that has an effect internally.

The ones that are considered externally are such as petroleum jelly and olive oil or even specially produced eyelash moisturizers that can be found in cosmetics stores. These products are to be used externally only and are recommended to be applied daily, before one goes to bed.

The main purpose is to lubricate one’s eyelashes which is said to eventually help stimulate or encourage the growth of eyelashes. This is so since eyelashes are very “fragile” in a way as in it do get dry at times and become brittle which causes it to break off.

  • By lubricating or moisturizing it often, it will help prevent or lessen the breakages as well as rehydrates it. To better understand it, imagine it as our face skin. Our skin does get dry at times and we would usually use facial masks to moist back our skin. This applies to eyelashes as well. Although there are products that are meant just for eyelashes, still it is always advisable to check and read the ingredients or contents of the said products as there might be ingredients that are harmful to the body. Try not to trust the marketing scheme of random products being sold as you are putting a risk to your eye and body in general.
  • In terms of internally, one should always have a healthy diet. This is usually a problem for most women as they tend to diet often, thus having a lower level of nutrients in the body. For woman, try to include healthy fats in your daily meals ass essential fatty acids (ETAs) is crucial for the growth of hair on our body, which applies to eyelashes as well. Also, try including food such as ground seeds in daily meals as well as use olive oil in the cooking instead of other cooking oils that might be fattening and unhealthy.
  • In addition, in a more scientific explanation and term, it is always advisable to have a variety of amino acids that helps build up the protein in our body, which then helps encourage the growth keratin. Keratin is a component that is present and has in common with our skin, hair as well as nails. Some, though mostly male, might prefer drinking protein shakes and soy milk to help increase the level of protein in the body, which is also alright.

This being said, try avoiding unhealthy food such as fast food or junk food (crisps and fizzy drinks) as it has the effect of reducing the level of nutrients in the body, which in turn reduces the growth of the eyelashes.

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