WATCH: Vice Ganda Gets Pranked by His Co-Hosts


Abs-Cbn’s noontime show entitled ‘It’s Showtime’ had really formed a family, a family who smiles, laughs and even cries together. But sometimes this so-called Showtime family pranks a member.

image source: abs-cbnnews / its showtime

In this seven minute video taken from the showtime’s segment show ‘Sine mo to’ you will see how Vice Ganda’s co hosts made fun of him.

The segment ‘sine mo to’ originally have a script. But in this video, all of the hosts went off-script when they all decided to play hide and seek and Vice Ganda will be the so called ‘Taya’ they hid Vice Ganda in the backstage while his co-hosts prepare for a hilarious plan.

When the comedian was already in the backstage, all of his co-hosts started putting all of the props in the entrance where in Vice will come out. All of the props even the sofa were placed in front of Vice’s entrance to block his way.

The showtime hosts drew cheers and laughs when the entrance suddenly opened and there stood a shocked comedian, Vice Ganda.

“Daddy, di mo naman sinabi nademolish na pala tayo.” Vice Ganda told Vhong

Everyone in the studio went laughing when the comedian cannot find his way to come out, what made everyone laugh harder is when all of the hosts started randomly danced krumping.


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source: abs-cbnnews

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