5 foods better than medicine


With today science, many people start to use supplementing vitamins to provide

nutrients; but according to research, these drugs do not have any positive effects on

heart disease, cancer, aging…

With today science, many people start to use the supplementing vitamins to provide

nutrients; but according to the research, these drugs do not have any positive effects on

heart disease, cancer, aging, etc. The following foods are not only nourishing but also

have good effects more than medicine.

According to the clinical studies, using too much bae-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin E may

harm your health. When you eat food, your body “knows” how to transform them into

necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

However, with artificial drugs, it is probably not. Applying the nutrition through eating is

a safe and effective way, with the following superior nutritional foods:


1. Almond

A recent study showed that eating 45g almond every day increases the amount of fatty

acids, vitamin E, Magnesium which are enough to meet body’s daily intake. Eating nuts

every day also reduces the amount of empty calories due to eating junk foods.

 2. Shellfish

Barnacle, mussel, oyster, scallop, etc. provide the highest content of vitamins and

minerals among all kinds of creature. In addition, they also contain less calories, low-fat

and more proteins.

A handful of shells provides the amount of vitamin B12 10 times, the amount of zinc 15

times, the amount of bronze 5 times, the amount of selenium 3 times higher than the

body’s daily demand. A dish of mussels contains the amount of manganese 3 times higher

than the daily need. Shellfish also contain the large amount of omega-3 and less omega-

6s, which are very good for cardiovascular health and the brain. They also contain a

variety of copper minerals, Magnesium, Phosphor, vitamin D.

When eating shellfish at least once per week, you will get enough nutrients for your


3. Quinoa seeds

They contain a lot of fiber, complete proteins and healthy amino acids. The Incas referred

to this seed as a seed of heaven. Besides, they contain good fats for heart, nutrients such

as folatte, manganese, magnesium, iron, bronze, phosphorus, zinc, etc. And they also

contain high content of botanical nutrients against the oxidation process and anti-

inflammatory compounds.

If you want to enhance the nutritional value, you can cook them with high-content-

mineral water, such as broth.

 4. Fermented vegetables

For example, pickles, sauerkraut or Kimchi have been fermented by bacteria called

lactobacillus. The vegetables are preserved in salt water that only bacteria could survive.

The process of fermenting increases the content of vitamins and enzymes.

A dish of pickles provide the adequate amount of vitamin C, vitamin B and essential

amino acids, especially lysine and methionine. In addition, fermented vegetables also

provide beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract.

 5. Marine algae

Marine algae absorb the minerals from the sea, such as iron, calcium, potassium, niacin,

phosphorus, magnesium, etc. There are more than 56 kinds of minerals that can meet the

body’s demand. They also contain several types of vitamin B, vitamin A, K, C and E.

Fiber in marine algae contains anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-bacteria which help

detoxify heavy metals from the digestive system and are good for the heart.



source: newfitness.co