Unexpected habits are killing you day by day


If you are having one of these following habits, they should be quoted immediately

before it is too late.


Dozing is a habit that adversely affects our health. It increases the pressure on chest,

heart, liver and even gives rise to children’s scoliosis. In addition, it also causes

swollen face and reddish eyes after waking-up.

Go barefoot after awaking

Many foot diseases are rooted in this routine. Every day, our feet have to “endure” the

total weight of body, so some parts of foot must be vulnerable to damages in a certain

degree. These all inside injuries need time of night relax to recover. So, if you go

barefoot in the morning after waking up, all pressure shall be put on heels, the

“organizations” which have been recovered last night, are consequently damaged

again, even with more serious situation.


Bodywear helps “show” perfect curves of the body, but if you remain wearing old

items when your body has had “size” increased, it comes so likely with the situation of

pinched internal organs. This results in burden to heart, abdominal pain, abdominal

distension with fatigue and uncomfortable feeling in its awake.

Extremely close-fitting clothing shall make internal substance run backwards. This

backward flow may stimulate esophagus, leading to chest tightness and chest pain.

Also, wearing tight for a long time is detrimental to the operation of eliminating body

gas, causing abdominal distention and symptoms called “obstruction causing pains”

Drinking so much water after eating

Drinking enough water is essential. However, extremely high intake of water is not

good for health. It gives bad influences on the gastrointestinal tract, and harms to

health after a long time.

Drinking tea right after meals

Drinking tea right after meals not only dilutes the gastric juice in the stomach used for

food ingesting but tea also combines with protein in foods. This is detrimental to the

body’s absorption of protein.

Jogging in hungriness

Your heart and liver have to work harder if you practice running in hungriness,

causing harms to your body. Especially in the older, the ability to metabolize fats in

the body is reduced, so it is even more hazardous.

source: newfitness.co