These Photos Seems Normal At First, But Look Closer And You’ll See Something Odd


At first, if you look at the image below you’ll think that it’s just a normal mother-daughter photograph. But didn’t you noticed something odd about it?

Actually, this photograph is a memorial portraiture which means one of them is dead and it is the girl. Creepy as it may seem, taking photographs of the dead is quiet normal during the Victorian era. This kind of practice is popular during that time, but in today’s standards, this would be pretty taboo.

Apparently, post-mortem photographs were meant to serve as mementos, to keep memories of the deceased loved ones alive.


Victorian people photographed the dead before holding any sort of funeral services

Photographers intend to make their subjects look alive as much as possible.

Some do the trick by holding the dead body up. Notice the odd position of the curtain behind the boy?

But well experienced photographers have their own ways to make the dead seems more life-like. Now which is which?


Some will definitely trick your mind as if they were alive.

In this photo, this dead man seems like he is in deep thought. Pretty clever!

Most often, they would try to make it appear like the dead person was just sleeping.