She was caught with another man in her room and the boyfriend does this—shocking!


Hearing’ about your partner’s affair is one thing, but seeing it in person is different.  Being cheated on can be a really painful experience and some people don’t understand how deep some cuts are. Being in another relationship while with your current partner is cheating—whether or not you are serious about the other or not.


It is always better to end the previous relationship before engaging in physical or emotional relationships with somebody else. What would you do if you catch your partner cheating on you? What if it was all just a prank?

YouTube star Josh Paler Lin decided to do a prank on his friend with the latter’s girlfriend. Yep, it’s a cheating prank! But as soon as the boyfriend enters the room, he drags Lin out and brings him to the other room.

The girl panics as she hears them fighting in the other room. That was when she saw her boyfriend smash a bottle on Lin’s head, who dropped unconscious to the ground—all bloodied