Christine Reyes and Ali Khatibi ties the knot on Wednesday. MUST SEE PHOTOS HERE

On Wednesday, January 27, 2016, the sexy star, Christine Reyes has finally tied the knot with her martial arts fighter boyfriend, Ali Khatibi on the Balesin Island.
Wayback September 2015, when both Ali and Christine have announced their engagement and they told everyone that they wanted their wedding to be as simple as possible. Christine claims that as a very private person, he wanted her wedding to be private and intimate instead of having a huge celebration.
In the photo that was uploaded by the Nice Print Photography, they stated that it was the first time that they’ve witnessed a wedding that didn’t require much preparation and fancy set ups, in fact, they didn’t even hired a makeup artist or designer for the gowns, all that’s important is that the family and close friends of the bride and the groom were present in the celebration.


There was also a video that has gone viral online wherein Ali was caught on cam wiping his little tears of joy as he witness Christine walk down the aisle.
Congratulations and we’re wishing the best for the both of you and your marriage!