There are only 12 people in the world who can do this—and he’s the next generation!


You must admit—when you look down at your smartphone, everything else is forgotten or ignored. When we hold that one phone, or tablet, or laptop and get into our virtual worlds, we forget the importance of the real world we actually live in.

In this technology-driven generation, children tend to stay indoors and use their computers instead of enjoying a little bit of sun outside. Young adults choose to talk and chat with their friends online, instead of meeting them in person and maybe have a better time. They’d rather learn things from the internet, than learning them the traditional way.

But the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH), is aiming to change all that. As more people are engrossed in technology, the art of penmanship is slowly disappearing into history. Today, IAMPETH is dedicated to helping people improve their lettering and artistic skills, and maintains an archive of works of past masters in addition to online instruction guides covering most popular methods of handwriting.

With that, one of the 12 remaining master penman in the world, Jake Weidmann, has a message for aspiring artists around the world.