She had a severe fear from dogs, but then everything has changed when she met this dog!

This girl had a severe phobia of dogs, she’s really afraid of dogs, despite that it won’t do anything bad at her or it won’t even hurt her. Despite that the old lady already told her that the dog that keeps on barking at her wouldn’t bite her and that it’s just over protective over her, she still thinks that the dog will really bite her.
Until one day, the old lady who owns the dog passed away. The dog was left alone and lonely in the house. She noticed that the dog isn’t barking at her anymore. That’s when she realized that the dog wouldn’t really hurt her so she started giving the dog some food and eventually they became friends.
She named her Olieng, she does everything with her and Olieng, as always, is over protective of her.
But then one day, when she comes home from school, she saw Olieng covered with blood. Herheart shattered into million pieces.