Jessa Zaragoza Speaks Up Defending Her Daughter From Bailona Bashers

After a photo of Jayda Zaragoza-Avanzado along with Bailey May was posted over the social media sites, she faced a terrifying insults and bashing from the BaiLona Fans.

It was just a late uploaded photo according to the 12-year-old singer. But the fans of Bailey were unhappy with the photo that they have seen. They quickly gave out their opinions without even thinking about their comments.

Because of the negative things that she had received, her mother Jessa Zaragoza could not help herself from protecting her own daughter.

The furious mother said that the things that they are saying to the child were below the belt. She explained that they have nothing to do with the article that was created by ABS-CBN linking the two young artists.

Jessa further explained that Jayda will enter the showbiz as a singer and that she has no time for love teams.