Alden Richards’ Controversial Photo Goes Viral!

Ever since he was accidentally paired up with Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards’ career grew bigger than ever. He gained more fans, but even more bashers appeared.

Bashers who are capable of doing everything to ruin the reputation of a celebrity. They have made it a habit to create controversies about a particular celebrity.

One of the celebrities that has a controversy today is Alden Richards, who is being linked towards his make-upartist named Kusie Tubig Ho.

A photo of them together inside the car as Alden was driving is making rounds over the social media sites. The netizens noticed the same bracelets that they are wearing. Some claims that it might be their ‘Couple Bracelet’. 

But the AlDub Nation came to the rescue saying that this might be one of the digitally altered images or just another issue made up by a dirty mind.