Netizens question the nannies of Joel Cruz’s new set of twins for wearing masks!

Last Monday, the christening of the new set of twins of fragrance entrepreneur Joel Cruz has caught the attention of the netizens.
In the official Facebook page of ABS-CBN, netizens questioned something about the nannies. The photoposted shows the new set of twins, namely Prince Harry and Prince Harvey, carried by their own nannies with masks and hairnets on.
A netizen claims that she felt uncomfortable and questioned if Joel Cruz is just being protective or it is somehow a discrimination.
Because of her controversial statement, a debate among other netizens started. Some said that the nannies might be sick and Joel might just be cautious about the twins.
Others criticized Joel Cruz for treating the nannies differently than the priests and guests who are not wearing masks.
Back in 2013, Joel Cruz shared how he takes care of his first twins, Prince Sean and Princess Synne. He said that he hired a nurse, three nannies, a bodyguard, a security guard, and a driver exclusively for them.
He then defended himself and stated that he instructed the nannies to wear masks to protect the new set of twins from their sniffles and coughs. “For me, they are not the usual babies who were conceived through natural methods. They need extra care. They might be easily susceptible to diseases. For one year, I have to do this,” Joel Cruz added.