2- first-week pregnancy symptoms


Many women do not know they are having a baby in spite of entering into the first or

the second week of pregnancy, so what are signs of this period? Let spend your time to

learn women’s pregnancy signs in week 1 and week 2 in the following article.


Swollen and painful breast




When getting in pregnant, women’s breasts become more sensitive and easily hurt in

touching due to the hormone increase for nurturing fetus. Many women say that this

phenomenon bears some similarity to the beast erection of monthly premenstrual

cycle, but it is uneasy to ignore because of much more severe pain degree.

Appearance of small blood spots

After 6-12 days of conception, the fetus is implanted into the uterus, which then causes

some small blood spots on your chip. Nonetheless, this phenomenon possibly appears

because of many other reasons. Consequently, you need to closely follow and carefully

check to affirm the result.

Loss of menstruation

This is the most important feature, and also one of the first-week-pregnancy signs.

However, if your menstrual period is originally irregular or you are under stress in a

short time, overwork or high pressure, those may lead to delayed menstruation.

Dizziness, nausea or emotiveness




In the early pregnancy, the body must push up its circulation, which will make you

feel dizzy, especially when taking heavy activities or quick posture change. Nausea or

vomiting may be caused by smelling of alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, fishy foods (like

shrimp, fish, etc.), even some other people may feel cold sick. This phenomenon can

occur several days after conception. In addition, pregnant women are often emotive

and may face up with psychological changes.

Always feel tired and lifeless

Most new pregnant women feel tired, which is caused by the increase in hormone

progesterone in the body. Because the body has to produce more blood to provide the

fetus with nutrients, the heart must work harder and adapt itself to the increased blood

supply, then creates pressure on the tissue and causes feelings of lacking in vitality.

However, not all women shall experience those phenomena, it depends on their own

body characteristics.


source: http://newfitness.co/