Eating only when hungry


The scientists in Cornell University (US) recently made a research about how eating

when not hungry badly affects your health.

Particularly, eating when not hungry may make your glycemic index higher than eating

when hungry.




The research was conducted with the participation of 45 university students. They were

asked about their hunger levels before eating a high content carbohydrate meal. The

glycemic indexes would be recorded before and after their meal. The result showed that

the glycemic indexes of those who ate when they were really hungry were lower than the





According to the researchers, people usually cannot control their eating tension when

they directly see or smell food. On the other hand, the food advertisements that you can

find everywhere are one of the reasons to stimulate people‘s eating desire when not

hungry. It is alarming that most of those advertisements target to fast food and instant

food- which are naturally not good for health.