6 common breakfast mistakes you are making


Breakfast is the most important meal which helps to supplement the energy that your

brain loses for the activities in the evening and provide energy for a new day.

However, not everyone knows how to eat breakfast properly. There are 6 common

breakfast mistakes you are making:

Eat breakfast irregularly

Do you usually get up at 9 or 10 a.m. and eat breakfast after that time? This habit is really

not good because you may feel extremely hungry and will not taste good when eating.

Furthermore, late breakfast can reduce the good effects of eating and badly influence

lunch. It is better if you get up early in the morning and eat breakfast 1 hour after getting


Avoid protein

Greasy coffee and sweet bread are a common choice for breakfast of busy men. But the

lack-of-protein breakfast makes you feel hungry sooner and does not provide enough

energy to work. Therefore, you should add protein to your meals to balance blood sugar

level and reduce hungry feeling. It is suggested that you have a boiled egg, an apple and a

box of yogurt for your breakfast.

Eat fat wrongly

Supplementing too much fat or wrong fats will badly affect your health. You should not

eat food that contains saturated fat like bacon or butter. You should choose yogurt and

nuts instead.

Drink too much juice

The recent research shows that those who drink too much juice have higher blood

pressure than ones who drink juice sometimes. Drinking juice helps to provide vitamins

and minerals but also increases the amount of excessive calories and causes the fiber’s


Use artificial sweeteners

The artificial sweeteners can break the bacteria’s balance in your stomach, which makes

you have to provide more fructose than usual. Therefore, you should replace sugar by

cinnamon powder when making coffee to boost the metabolism process.

Eat too much

Eating too much may put more pressure on the organs and prevent the metabolism

process. You should apply a menu with balanced portion of protein and carbohydrate to

provide enough essential energy to start an effective working day.


source : http://newfitness.co/