Why coconut juice is good for pregnant women


It is advised that pregnant women should drink coconut juice because it is good for

them and their children, but not many people know exactly its benefits.


According to Coconut Development Board (India) coconut juice helps pregnant women

maintain enough water and electrolytes for body daily intake because it contains the large

amount of electrolyte, chlorine, magnesium, calcium, vitamins B2 and vitamins C.




Coconut juice also contains the well-proportioned amount of sugar, salt and protein.

Drinking coconut juice is a good way to prevent water shortage because in the first

months of pregnancy women need the huge amount of water to nourish the fetus.





It also helps to increase the blood content, prevent urinary infection and maintain the blood

The best time to start to drink coconut juice is the first quarter of women’s pregnancy to

prevent the symptoms of morning sickness, tiredness and constipation and improve the

immune system.