Check out these 11 kissing styles and what it reveal about your relationship!

Couples have their own way of showing their affection to one another. Some show their love through their hug or the simple things they do for their partner.
Truly, everyone expresses love in a unique manner. But did you ever thought about what exactly are we expressing when we are kissing?
It has been said that ‘kissing is so important to long-term bonds. It helps maintain a relationship.”
Because it is an important part of a relationship and physical contact is much needed, it makes sense that people have come up with different ways to kiss.
Here are the 11 kissing styles and what it reveal about your relationship:
1. Gentle Kiss
Slow burn: Couples gently kiss on the lips, not applying much pressure at all. It is all about teasing and delayed gratification. It also indicates a deep level of comfort to practice such restraint with a gentle kiss.
2. Peck
Pucker up: Each person keeps their eyes and lips shut tight for a very quick kiss. This is all about testing the waters before going further with the relationship. In longer relationships, it may be a sign of comfort with one another, as you say a quick ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’.
3. Single-lip Kiss
One at a time: It is a kiss that is truly all about love. Each person focuses on kissing only one of their partner’s lips at a time.
4. French Kiss
Up close and personal: It is a kiss wanting to get to know the other person even more. Each person uses their tongue to explore the inner workings of the other’s mouth. This is all about exploration, wanting your partner to know that you want to be closer and you wish to know them on a deeper level.
5. Nibble Kiss
Just a bit: It is all about being feisty. One person gives the other one a little love bite on the lip. It shows an underlying passion often best expressed physically. You likely have a healthy sex life. Also, you do not mind being a little rough with each other as this only spices things up even more.
6. Angel Kiss
Stand by me: One person lightly kisses the other on the eyelid while they are sleeping. It is about protection and a sense of security. It also reveals that you have a strong sense of trust.
7. Butterfly Kiss
Light as a feather: It doesn’t involve the lips at all. Two people put their eyes as close together as possible and flutter their eyelids against one another’s. It is all about young love, excitement and newness about things that will likely evolve into other more stable kissing types.
8. Closed Mouth Kiss
No trespassing: It shows you are not quite 100% comfortable with one another yet. Each person keeps their lips firmly closed, not allowing for moisture or tongues to touch.
9. Cheek Kiss
Feeling friendly: It is all about conveying that you like someone. It is also about friendship and affection.