Ella Cruz VS Yassi Pressman . Watch the Dance Floor Princess Showdown

Recently, the 2016 New Year countdown show of TV 5 where Ella Cruz and Yassi Pressman did some dance showdown is making rounds online. Watch them as they end the year with a sizzling hot dance showdown.

To which camp do you belong? Are you for team Ella Cruz? Or team Yassi Pressman? But before you answer this, take your time watching their performance and tell us later to which team you belong.

here’s nothing better than to end the 2015 by challenging two of the finest young dancers of the generation to have a dance battle on the dance floor. We all know Ella Cruz is starting to create her name in the field of dancing by doing cover dances and uploading them on her youtube channel while Yassi Pressman rocks the social media by sharing also her dance covers online. Certainly, these two are the hottest when it comes to their own forte.
Ella Cruz and Yassi Pressman opened the dance showdown by grooving to the tune of “Twerk It Like Myley” where they show-off their sexiest twerk. Of Course, no one should forget the 2015 “Watch me (whip/ nae nae)” dance which made the dance floor to sizzle even more. And the all-time favourite groovy dance song “Dessert” was performed last by these two dance divas.