Should pregnant women eat seafood?


Whether it is good or not for pregnant women to ingest seafood is very common

question among those people. During pregnancy and breastfeeding period, mother

should follow proper diets with both sufficient nutrition value and safe for the fetus,

consequently, they must abstain from specified items although they are in their daily

favorite food list.




Is high seafood intake good for women getting pregnant?

Seafood is known for high nutritional source, including protein, calcium,

monounsaturated fats (Omega-3), nitrogen and lots of other minerals. These types of

seafood, such as shrimp, crab, fish, octopus, snails, clams, mussels, are very good for

mother’s nutritional diet.

Seafood is indispensable to pregnant women, since its nutritional components not only

provide sufficient energy to mother but also help baby well develop. Besides, omega-3

found in fish makes contribution to nourishing baby’s mental and brain health.

Notifications for women’s eating seafood during pregnancy.

Seafood is a good nutrition source for pregnant women, however, they must have

proper diet which is supported by science to ensure the safety of fetus.

Mothers should abstain from or limit on seafood during the first trimester and final

month of pregnancy due to the risk of vulnerable miscarriage in the first 3 months and

preterm birth in the last month.

Pregnant woman can eat seafood as their common habits, but not too much. They

should eat slowly with reasonable quantity to see whether their body has any reactions

or allergic symptoms caused by seafood, and must stop eating if their bodies are so

sensitive to this food type. Fetal development with perfect shape taking depends on

mother’s nutrition diet.

Women in pregnancy can ingest seafood but not types cooked rare, make sure that

they intake only carefully cooked food and boiled water because of the fetal safety.

Foods to avoid and limit during pregnancy.

Most types of seafood contain mercury, so mothers should avoid some specific types

containing this ingredient. Since mercury is highly toxic substance, the accumulation

of it shall turn into methylmercury – a compound that is harmful to the fetuses and


Mother should limit or avoid seafood with high mercury value such as tuna, sword,

salmon, featherback and shark, etc. Mercury in those fishes shall accumulate into

methylmercury and harm to placenta, impair the development of fetus’ nervous system

and brain, even lead to more dangerous results.


During pregnancy, mothers must be carefully taken care on diet and nutrition needs to

ensure their health and perfect fetus growth. Hopefully the post “Should pregnant

women eat seafood?” has given you the answer, as well as provided more significant

knowledge related to pregnant women’s nutritional diet care.