Pastillas Girl reveals the truth: “It’s Showtime” contacted her to pit against Yaya Dub


On September 11, 2015, the woman in the viral “pastillas” video named Angelica Jane Yap also known as ‘Pastillas Girl’ went to “It’s Showtime” and shared her story of heartbreak on Vice Ganda’s segment titled ‘Madam Bertud.’ It turns out that Yap’s boyfriend left her for her best friend, which would explain why her acting in her viral videofelt so real.

pastillas 10

After she was first introduced on the noontime’s segment “Madam Bertud”, she then appeared regularly on the show. A segment was created for her in the concept of her insearch for a boyfriend.

It was then said to be a stint of the said noontime show, as its answer to its rival show “Eat Bulaga’s” hit segment, “Kalyeserye” featuring its experimental lovetem AlDub.