Pastillas Girl Apologized To Showtime Fans Saying That They Misinterpreted Her Answer

When the video of her interview went viral, Pastillas Girl Angelica Yap immediately answered the issues towards her.
The video that everyone has been talking about is the interview that she had with whereas she was answering the question, “Saan ka unang nadiscover, sa Showtime talaga o dito sa Viva?”

After a few hours, Angelica Yap posted a tweet saying, ‘Know the whole story first. Watch the full video. Ayan nanaman tayo e. I love Showtime. Wag naman sana bigyan ng issue’ followed by a sad face emoticon.

Another tweet followed as she explained that she will forever be grateful to the Showtime family. She had nothing against the cast.

She took the time to apologize to the fans of the show saying, ‘To the IST fans, sorry kung namisinterpret niyo but PLEASE don’t let others divide our unity.’