Young Couple’s Scandalous Video Making Love In Intramuros!


They say that the teens of this generation are too liberated that they are willing to do whatever they want to. Especially when it comes to love, they often think that love is being measured by giving their ‘all’ to their other half.

That is why more regretful decision comes up when things don’t work out.

An adventurous couple was spotted in Intramuros, Manila as they were passionately making love in a particular spot of the historical place.

They were seen kissing each other. Though their clothes were on, the two were grinding at each other as if they were doing something.

Many people believe that they might be making love in that area. The video quickly went viral gaining almost 300, 000 views in two days. The video was uploaded by a man named Wesley Generoso with a caption of, ‘Intramuros and Chill’.

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