She posed as a Mitsubishi salesgirl and gave these male customers a ride they’ll never forget!


Who says girls cannot drive? This professional motorsport athlete’s skills will make guys out there think again.

Most men believe women shouldn’t drive—and that men are better drivers and better at handling cars. As a matter of fact, some men even love their cars more than anything else. These unaware customers are looking at new cars, when the saleslady offered a test drive with them. But she is not your ordinary salesgirl—she is a professional motorsport athlete!

Malaysian Leona Chin is about to give these men a ride they will never forget—or expect. One man even corrected her after she explained the car’s specs. But once they got in, the salesgirl completely changed into somebody else.

While one man enjoyed the ride, all of them went crazy and told her to stop the “man’s car”! Hilarious!