How Does A Miss Universe Candidate Look Like Without Make Up On? You Need To See This!


Every year, 90 stunning contestants from around the world are being brought to the most prestigious pageant of Miss Universe as they compete against each other when it comes to intelligence, grace and beauty.


In every part of the competition, all of the girls are seen wearing their thick make-ups to enhance the beauty that they already have.


Do you ever wonder how they look like without their make-up on?


There are women from the competition who posed without wearing their make-up. It is for an event called #ConfidentlyBeautiful  which encourages the idea of being beautiful and attractive does not only lie on the physical aspect. It aims to set the mind of the people that everyone is beautiful despite of the imperfections.


Here are some of the photos of the candidates of Miss Universe that bravely posted a photo of their bare face.

1. Miss Australia
2. Miss Peru
3. Miss Ireland
4. Miss Dominican Republic
5. Miss Ghana


6. Miss Ecuador
7. Miss Bahamas
8. Miss Argentina