Find Out Why Many Netizens Are Together In Saying That This Is The Best Proposal Ever


You will only find out why when you watch the video until the very end.

I believe that you have already seen a lot of best proposals that were uploaded on social media and most especially on YouTube. When you though that you have seen the best proposal ever, after watching this video it might change the way you think.

The Aussie man in this viral video was Liam Cooper who wanted to propose to his long-time girlfriend in a special way that she will never forget for the rest of her life. It took him 6 months to do a music video to the song “Rude” by magic and do the preparations with the help of his friends.

And the proposal happened in a cinema wherein the music video that they created appeared on the big screen after the trailers. Before that, he excused himself and said that he needed to go to the bathroom. The girl thought that it was just a normal cinema date but, she never see this coming.

All of his effort was all worth it as the proposal ended successfully when his girlfriend say