Care of the Nails



Good nails are essential in natural beauty.  Dry cracked and bitten off nails reduces beauty of hands and feet. Diet is key to keeping healthy nails. Polishing them also improves their states.  Clean them sufficiently.  Never use a steep cleaner as it hardens them and causes dirt accumulation beneath. In addition French amandine is excellent to soften and prevent breaking off and becoming dull.  One needs town a manicure set for proper care thus ,  nail brush, a still smaller one to go under the nail, a file, a polishing brush, curved scissors, a pair for each hand, nails of the right hand cannot be successfully cut with scissors made for cutting the nails off the left hand.

Home Care

Caring of nails can be done at home.  One needs to deliberately use hands by using the ball of your finger and your knuckles instead of your nails.  Also, use proper tools in operating implements.  For instance, don’t use your nails as screw drivers to open or fasten nails and lids.  Putting your nails to chemicals that are harsh threatens your nails always wear gloves while gardening, washing and heavy duty cleaning leaving your hands in water for long this breaks the adhesivesity of the nails.  Finally, hand cream should be applied whenever washing your hands.  This promotes a healthy skin and flexibility of your nails. Nails last longer when right measure is put on them.  As much as possible, maintain your nails 2 – 3 weeks.  This is by re-filling and re-shaping them. Polish, and re – balance if desired.

Nail Maintenance and Service

Maintenance of nails is vital.  One can preventively maintain nails to avoid product lighting and formation of bacteria between the product and yourself.  Do this by applying solar oil to your cuticles daily.  In case you want to change your nail color follow the instructions; wash your hands with an antibacterial soap, apply hand cream, gently push back your cuticles with an orange stick, use non – acetone polish remover to remove your polish, applying one thin coat of base coat is recommended and give yourself enough drying time.  Do not change your polish more than once a week for this can leave deposits on your nails. For a broken nail repair is paramount thoroughly clean and dry the nail tip.  Any moisture on the nail can lead to bacterial green patch on the nail bed.  Too, apply a small amount of nail glue to the broken area.  Then, re-position the tip back into place.  Apply a small amount of nail glue over the crack, wipe away the excess quickly with a paper towel; use filler powder to fill any gaps if necessary.  After the glue sets, use a white block buffer to smooth out the area.  Finally re – apply color and top coat.

To repair a lift, wash hands with an antibacterial soap and pour a small amount of alcohol into the lifting product to kill any bacterial germs trapped. Apply a blow dryer to enhance speed evaporation of the liquid.  A small amount of nail glue under the product and messing down firmly to remove air pockets is also of profound importance.  Avoid any nail glue contact with the skin as it will cause more lift. After settling, the glue should be buffed with a white block buffer.  Finally, wipe away excess dust and re – apply polish and top coat. For greater looks of nails the following is a must, eat calcium rich foods, zinc containing meals are also important to promote nail growth. Spots on nails mean lack of the two minerals. Consume less sugar and less alcohol. Don’t bite your nails.  Don’t remove hanging nails by pulling. Clip them with manicure scissors to prevent skin damage.  Also eat fewer salinated fats.  To prevent breakages, keep your nails short, ensure your diet is full of proteins.  Increase your intake of vitamins A, B, C, D and E.  Often, moisturize them and reduce the amount of dairy in your diet.  Trimming nails regularly is important in nails management.